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by Beach Gypsy

We go to this beach with are kids, great for body boarding for them, and that’s about it.

Shimmer, shine, sparkle!

Show off your colorful personality with mermaid hair by beach gypsy!

Also called fairy hair, princess hair, angel hair, or unicorn hair - mermaid hair adds color and fun to your look using thin strands of silk called Shimmers. They are tied to individual strands of hair and last until the hair falls out naturally. Wash it. Dry it. Flat iron it. Color it. Do everything you normally do to your hair!

Located just a short walk from the ocean in Daytona Beach Shores; come and get your shine on with Beach Gypsy!

Image by Antoine Merour


Image by Tim Marshall


Daytona Beach Shores, FL 32118, USA


10 Knots (20 Strands): $25

15 Knots (30 Strands): $35

20 Knots (40 Strands): $45

25 Knots (50 Strands): $55

Call/Text Kim at (386)451-3316 to make an appointment!

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